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A haiku by Buson Sudden Shower does it follow the traditional syllable division for haiku?Butterfly sleeping- on the temple bell. Sudden shower -a flock of sparrows clinging to the grasses Before the white Chrysanthemums the scissors hesitate a moment.

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    I've never studied or taught Haiku, but this may be of some help:

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    Although Taniguchi Buson (Yosa) was a master of haiku, he also wrote longer poems, influenced both by Japanese and Chinese classics. Having studied and taught haiku in AP/IB Spanish classes, my students wrote some marvelous ones. The theme is usually about nature (the seasons)and the poem consists of 3 metrical lphrases with 5, 7, 5 "beats." Because Buson was a painter in addition to a poet, his haiku "paint" a mental image.

    The website Writeacher is one of the best, explaining the difference between Japanese and English haiku.


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    P.S. The best way for me to explain "haiku" is with an example by the great master, Matsuo Basho:
    tabi ni yande (5)
    yume wa kareno o (7)
    kakemeguru (5)

    Now look at the translation in English. It can not follow the same meter:
    Sick on a journey (5)
    dreams roam about (4)
    on a withered moon (5)

    Hopefully you will get to read haiku in Japanese!


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