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Discuss the policy of containment and give examples of how the United States supported it. Would you say it was a success?

:: American policy of resisting further expansion of communism around the world
this policy recognized the possibility that Eastern Europe was already lost to communism. It called for the United States to resist Soviet attempts to form Communist governments elsewhere in the world.
Critics saw containment as too moderate an approach to Soviet American relations. They called for action to push the Communists out of Eastern Europe, Russia, and anywhere else. Kennan, however, argued that the Soviet systems "bears within it the seeds of its own decay" and would eventually crumble. Thus, although containment remained controversial, it became the cornerstone of America's cold war foreign policy.

this is what i have so far. can someone please add to it, i don't think the question is answered completely. also, is there anything i should take out?

please hurry, and thanks a lot

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    You need more examples. How about Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? How about the billions of dollars the U.S. spent to help other countries and prevent the USSR gaining influence in them?

    The U.S. basically managed to contain Communism -- but we supported some pretty ugly and immoral dictators who also opposed the USSR.

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