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1. People were lining up in front of the pay phone.

2. People were standing in line in front of the pay phone.

3. People were standing in a line in front of the pay phone.

(Are they all correct?)

4. I am ready to go out.
5. I am ready for going out.
(Are both grammatical?)

6. When he saw me, he ran away.
7. Seeing me, he ran away.
8. As soon as he saw me, he ran away.
(Are the three correct?)

9. You are pouring the trash into the box. You have to classify the things after that. You have to recycle the things in the box according to their kinds. Are you following me? (Are the sentences in #9 correct?..... Thank you for your help. Have a good day!)

  • English -

    1-3 all correct

    4 is the better sentence. 5 is grammatical but not used.

    6-8 are all correct

    9 All the sentences are correct. good job.... you have a good day too.

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