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a library shelf is 9 ft wide. a set of books fills 1/6 of the shelf space.each book in the set is 3/5 inch thick. how many books are in the set?
I have tried working this fraction problem and I am stuck

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    The total shelf space is 9 feet wide.

    But the set of books uses only 1/6 of the space. Therefore, the space used = 9*1/6 = 9/6 = 3/2 ft

    Each book is 3/5 inches thick. First, you have to get both terms in the same units. There are 12in in 1 ft, so multiply the 3/2 ft by 12 to find the number of inches. 3/2 * 12 = 18.

    Now divide 18in by 3/5in. 18/(3/5) = 18*(5/3) = 30 books

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