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Can you see how I did with my assignment please because I only have 30 min. left before I have to turn it in please so please look at it please.
Poem Analysis 1, due Monday, 20 points

The Poem
Snow Day by Billy Collins

Lines 1-5:
Snow (taste, touch, sight): "snow" as a revolution, which means something new, fresh, different. So in this case, perhaps, it's the first snow of the season.
Flag (touch, sight, sound): "flag" symbolizes surrender or neutral territory
Mouse (sight, touch, smell, sound): "mouse" is a small mammal belonging to the order of rodents. It is so quite you don’t see a mouse removing around the snow. Windows (sight, touch): "windows" allow us to look out at something like snow.
Lines 6-10
Buildings (sight, touch) “Buildings” intended for supporting or sheltering people live under to get from out of the winter.
Schools (sight, touch) “Schools” place were people go school
Libraries (sight, touch) place were people go read books
Post office (sight, touch) “Post office” place were people go get their mail from
Trains (sight, touch, sound) “Trains” something people ride in

Lines 11-15
Boots (touch, smell, sight) Boots that some put on their feel
Water (touch, taste, sight) “Water” something that someone drink
Dog (smell, touch, sight) “Dog” people like to play with them

Lines 16-20
House (sight, touch) “House” A place were someone is a prisoner at and want to get out of that house but I am stuck right and I don’t know what to do.
Snow (taste, touch, sight): "snow" as a revolution, which means something new, fresh, different. So in this case, perhaps, it's the first snow of the season.
Pot of tea (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) “Pot of tea” I am about to make a pot of tea do you want some because I love the taste of tea.
Plastic radio (sight, sound, touch) Plastic radio I am about to listen to the radio that I put on the counter is it okay with you.
Counter (sight, touch) “Counter” I am about to put dinner on the counter about the radio.

Lines 21-25
Kiddie Corner Schools (sight, touch) “Kiddie Corner Schools”
Ding-Dong School (sight, touch) “Ding-Dong School” it is clown school
All Aboard Children’s School (sight, touch) “All aboard Children” it is school were children go to say
Hi-Ho Nursery School (sight, touch) “Hi-Ho Nursery School” daycare for kids

Line 26-30
Toadstool school (sight, touch) for little kids
Little school Sparrows Nursery School (sight, touch) daycare for kids
Little star Pre-School (sight, touch) pre-school for little kids 4 and under
Pea-and-Carrots Day School (sight, touch) were they make pea and carrots at
Tom Thumb Child Center (sight, touch) school for little people
Peanuts Play school (sight, touch) school that make peanuts

Lines 31-35
Children (sight, sound, touch) “Children” I been looking for these children all day in the snow.
Nests (sight, touch) “Nests” were birds come in sat in
Jackets(sight, touch) Jackets were is you put the jackets at because people need to put them on because of snow outside
Darting and climbing and sliding (sight, touch) “darting and climbing and sliding” someone is play around on a the slide.
Girls (sight, sound touch) playing outside in the snow.
Fence (sight, touch) “Fence” look at the pretty fence outside the window with all that snow over it.

Lines 36-40
Snow (taste, touch, sight): "snow" as a revolution, which means something new, fresh, different. So in this case, perhaps, it's the first snow of the season.
Girls (sight, taste, sound) “Girls” look at their bad girl’s mom playing the snow.
Afoot (sight, touch, smell) “Afoot” I hate the smell of riot afoot in the snow.
Queen (sight, touch) “Queen” Someone is about to bring down queen in the snow.

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