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posted by Cindy

Please help to unscramble this word (Nereteo).

It is related to a Woodstock themed Word Scramble for a retirment party. None of us on the organizing committee can figure this one out!! HELP!

  1. Writeacher

    Thanks to LehrerinSagt for the following:

    This is an exploratory exercise intended to force your brain to look at things sideways. One way to solve this type of problem is to first identify whether the answer is a real (English)word. If so, you can begin by rescrambling the letters. Sometimes this fools your brain into recognizing a group or pair of letters, so you can see how the others fall into line.

    Example: CCEEINS

    Rescrambled: SNEICEC
    Hmmm. SNICCEE? no.
    Rescramble: IECENCS
    Hmmm. ENCE is a common ending. That leaves ICS.

    Try this technique with your scrambled letters. We are here to HELP you learn.

    Once you catch on to this type of problem, you can have fun creating some scrambled words for friends to solve.

    Try these:










  2. Ms. Sue

    I skimmed this article but didn't find the word. However, you may have better luck.


  3. SraJMcGin

    Are you absolutely certain you have all the letters and that it is ONE word?


  4. SraJMcGin

    P.S. Onetree?


  5. ron


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