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Calculate the angular momentum and kinetic energy of a solid uniform sphere with a radius of 0.120 m and a mass of 14.0 kg if it is rotating at 6.00 rad/s about an axis through its center..

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    r=0.12 m
    m=14 kg

    Moment of inertia of sphere, I
    = (2/5)mr2
    =0.08064 kg-m2
    Angular velocity, ω
    = 6 rad/sec.
    Angular momentum, L
    = Iω
    = 0.48384 kg-m2/s.
    Rotational kinetic energy, Kr
    = (1/2)Iω2
    = (1/2)0.08064 62 kg-m2/s/s
    = 1.45152 kg-m2/s2

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