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1. We see through/with our eyes.
2. We eat through/with our mouth.
3. We run through/with our legs.
4. We talk through/with our mouth.
5. We breathe through/with our nose.

(Would you check the sentences? Which preposition do I have to use? Are both OK?)

6. Don't break off the branches.
6-2. Don't break away the branches.
(Can we use 'away' as in 6-2?)

7. Please make up your own character.(in a comic book)

7-2. Please _________ your own character.

(What other expressions can we use instead of 'make up'?)

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    1 - 5 -- The preposition "with" is better with all of these.

    6 is better than 6-2.

    7 is fine. Other verbs/experessions you can use are create, devise, invent ...

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    Well, in sentence 5, you could use either preposition!!

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