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describe some of the major foreign policy decisions of the Kennedy Years. How were they consistent with the policy of containment?

my answer so far:
One major decision was the Bay of Pigs. In the Bay of Pigs we basically tried to train Cubans to fight Castro, the ultimate goal was to overthrow Castro. However, that plan didn't work out well. On April 15th, CIA planes destroyed part of Fidel's air force. On April 16th, Kennedy called off the rest of the CIA mission (for unknown reasons). On April 17th, 1500 uban exiles landed in Cuba. Castro's arm fought them and defeated them.
Another major decision was the Cuban Missile Crisis: USSR was worried because the U.S. had missiles 150 miles away, US had more missiles than USSR, so they weren't happy. Cuba was friends with USSR, and afraid that the US, being 90 miles away would invade them, so they struck up a deal. USSR knew of a secret US plan to invade Cuba and was happy to protect it with missiles, so they started assembling them. Kennedy decided to create a blockade around Cuba.
Negotiations began between the US and USSR, USSR wanting the US to promise not to invade Cuba ever, and US wanted USSR to remove missiles. It worked out and there was no Nuclear War.

please don't give me links. if you can add to my answer, i would appreciate it.

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    What about the Vietnam War?

    What about the nuclear test ban treaty?

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    i just had to name some,...
    "How were they consistent with the policy of containment? "

    thats what i need help with

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    What do you think the Vietnam War was about? What have you learned from your book?

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    The erection of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain was a major effort to stop Western influence, and to rid Berlin of US power.

    Kennedy's speech Ich bin ein Berliner was a major effort to boost Germany's morale, and was symbolic of the US standing against Russia.

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