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macro economics

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Here's a picture of the question (since it's hard to make a properly formatted table here):


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    I tried finding this URL, but couldn't. Could you tell us something more about this website and the kind of table there?

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    The following information applies to the market for a particular item in the absence of a unit excise tax.

    (Price, Quantity Supplied, Quantity Demanded):


    Suppose that the government decides to subject producers of this item to a unit excise tax equal to $2 per unit sold. What is the new market price? (Hint: do not just add 2 to the previous equilibrium price.)

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    Here's the link.

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    Is this the answer:
    ($8, 100, 100)?

    What portion of the tax is paid by producers?

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    Your answer is a bit brief, but correct. I would expand to say producers get $6 per unit and supply 100, Buyers pay $8 and receive 100, Uncle Same gets $2 each or $200

    Prior to the tax, the equilibrium price was $7. Since the price to producers went down by $1 and the price to consumers went up by $1, (1/2) of the total tax was borne by producers.

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