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construct flow chart for generating the nth fibonacci serious using two seed numbers read from the user input two seed number lengthe of the fibonacci serious

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    This is not an understandable question.
    Please put the name of the subject - math, science, biology, etc. Plus what specific question are you asking.

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    Assistance needed.

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    Perhaps you mean series and not serious? Try here:


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    Looks like you are after the famous
    Fibonacci series (not serious).

    This is one of the best websites I know dealing with that wonderful topic

    If we define the nth Fibonacci number as
    Fib(n), then you could start with
    Fib(1) = 1, Fib(2) = 1 or enter those values as input

    then starting with n=3, have a line in your program that looks something like
    Fib(n) = Fib(n-1) + Fib(n-2)

    increase n by 1 and go back to the above statement.

    Like GuruBlue, I have difficulty understanding your posting.

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    To get you started, I can give you a pseudocode.

    Input: seed1, seed2;
    Input: length;
    for(n=0; n<length; n+=1)
    Print: nextNumber;

    However, please note that there is no simple way to verify that the two given seed numbers are members of the Fibonaccu set of numbers, unless we start the verification from the beginning.

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