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Homework I
Pg.108 (Ex.1)Choose the verb that agrees with its subject according to the conventations for academic and professional writing.

1. There are at least two good reasons for changing motor oil: risk of contamination and danger of addictive depletion.
2. Reasons for not changing the oil include the cost to the driver and the inconvenience of the chore.
3. What I want to know are the numbers of miles I can drive before changing my oil.
4. My best friend and mechanic say three thousand miles.
5. But my brother says every thousand miles is too often.
6. Each of the car manuals I consulted recommends five-thousand-mile intervals.
7. Neither the automakers nor the gas station attendants know how I drive, however.
8. Recommendations for changing oil is based on the assumption that we all drive between 40 and 65 mph on good highways when it is not too hot or too cold.
9. I am one of those drivers who on hot days speed along at 70 mph on the interstates or bump along at 45 mph o a dusty road.
10. I need an oil-life monitor that tells me when it is time t change my oil.

Homework II
Pg. 112 (Ex.3)Revise the following sentences so that pronouns or determiners agree with their antecedaants

1. A researcher relies on a number of principles to help him/her make ethical decisions.
2. Everyone should have the right t participate in a study only if he/she wants to.
3. A team of researchers should provide its volunteers with informed-consent forms, in which it describe to the volunteers the procedures and risks involved in participation.
4. Every participant should be guaranteed that the information he/she provide will remain confidential.
5. Institutions of higher education require that a researcher address ethical issues in their proposal.

  • ChECK Homework English -

    Number 8 is incorrect.

    In the second exercise, number 5 is incorrect.

    The others are correct -- in both exercises.

  • English -

    Check on subj-verb agreement here:

    In sentence 3: in which it describe

    In sentence 4: information he/she provide

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