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V stands for square root


3/V2 x V2/V2 = 3V2/V2V2= 3V2/V4 =3V2/2

Answer 3V2/2


6V2/3 x V3/V3 =6V2V3/V3V3 = 6V6/3= 2V6

My book gives these two examples. In the first problem you multiply the 2 in the denominator and get 4. It the second problem the 3 in the denominator is not multipled. I am not clear why the 3 is not multiplied in the denominator in the second problem?

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    In the second, you have 6sqrt(2/3)=sqrt2/sqrt3

    multiply numerator and denominator by sqrt3 to get 6(sqrt6)/3= 2sqrt6

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    I am still not clear?

    In the first problem the denominator of 2 was multipled to get the square root of 4.

    Why would multiply the 3 in the second problem to get the square root of 9?

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