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I need help with this question. I need some more help please. How has healthcare providers eveolved over time. The only thing that i can think of is treating the patient and receiving something that they have such as meat, or grain.

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    What does your text say about this evolution? Does it refer only to doctors or does it refer to the whole staff who care for patients?

    Remember, Florence Nightingale pioneered in the nursing profession. Who took care of patients before then?

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    It refers to the doctors

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    Think about the focus of doctors throughout history. Until the last couple hundred years, doctors didn't understand the science behind most illnesses. How have patient treatments changed over the last 3,000 years or so?

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    I know how treatments have changed but we are talking about paying for them. How was health care payed for back in the old days. The only method of payment I can think of is giving the physician some meat, or grain.

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    There was that long ago, but more recently we payed a small fee to see a doctor. AND doctors made house calls.

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