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1. Rowan opens his essay with a physical description of Miss Bessie. Why are these details important to his purpose?
At the beginning of the essay, Rowan used a physical description to grab the reader attention. He thought that if he told how the reader looked, than it would really keep the reader reading. A lot of times, you have to use words that will grab all age people. These details are very important, because it help you picture how the teacher looked, and what kind of attitude she had with her students at Bernard High School. They also are very important, because he tells you why Miss Bessie was so unforgettable.
2. Why would this article appeal to readers? Why value does it reinforce?
Unforgettable Miss Bessie article would appeals to readers because they will see that no matter where you was born in raised, does not determine your life. Rowan stated, that no in his family graduated for high school, but Miss Bessie encourages him that he can. It also states, that people might criticize you for doing your best. Even thou, they do things to pull you down, you continue to strive for the best. Sometimes children know what best, but instead they do what someone else do.

  • English Proofread Due before 12 tonight -

    12? That depends upon where you are. Everything is posted EST and you may or may not be there!

    reader attention. = either reader's or readers' attention
    all age people. = awkward = people of all ages
    it help you = it helps (singular verb)

    Why value = It must be "what value?"
    Unforgettable Miss Bessie article would appeals to readers because they will see that no matter where you was born in raised, does not determine your life = VERY bad grammar. Are you referring to an article about Miss Bessie or Miss Bessie's article? Unclear. In any event, after you correct that....would appeal to readers because they will see that no matter where you were born and raised, that does not determine your life.
    no in his family graduated = You must mean "no one..."
    for high school, = from high school
    Even thou, = though (formal spelling here) ("thou" is ancient for "you")
    know what best, = know what is best,
    someone else do. = what someone else does (singular verb)


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