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My room is a mess. Mom said, "I have to clean it now."

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    ...what about this sentence?

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    Who will clean the room? You or your mom? If your mom will clean the room, then the sentences are correct. If you are to clean the room, then the second sentence needs to be phrased/punctuated differently.

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    you have to clean the room.

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    You have to clean your room because its your room not your moms.

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    If you write it this way, your mom is cleaning it for you.

    Try this.

    My room is a mess. Mom said that I have to clean it now.

    Only use quotes if the words are exactly what is being said.

    Mom said, "Clean your room now!"
    I said, "I will clean it now."

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    take a broom and broom.

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    "Your room is a mess," said mom. "I have to clean it now,"i said.

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    She and mon got to the Dock late.

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    you have to clean the room.

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