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Hello! I am writing observation jornals and have problems with defining of 2 global aims.
1.young learners of EFL have learned yesterday one word in their English class.How can I define the global aim?
I need to start with "By the end of the lesson, learners should be able to"...and now I need to write something
2.also young learners have learned 5 new jobs and have used structures Yes I can and No i can't.What is the global aim of the lesson?
Thank you

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    First, you'll need to define "global aim" for us. I've never heard that term in respect to teaching EFL or ESL lessons.

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    global aim is a broad aim of the lesson the lesson.what will learners be able to do after this class

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    OK, you're writing objectives then. Start with your phrasing then:
    By the end of the lesson, learners should be able to ...

    Make sure the next word is an active and specific verb: demonstrate, use (accurately), respond, or whatever is appropriate for the task. So ask yourself...

    ~~Specifically, what do I want the children to be able to do after lesson #1?

    ~~Specifically, what do I want the children to be able to do after lesson #2?

    Let us know what you are aiming for, what your overall objective is for each of those lessons. Put them both into your own words, and we can help you with smoothing out the phrasing if needed. But we cannot write your objectives for you.

    Please repost when you're ready.

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