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Outline achievement of Philip II of Spain

I got: Philip II of Spain was Mary's husband but then as she died he asked for Elizabeths hand. Elizabeth refused to marry him and actually made fun of him asking for her. Then he got so angry that he sent his Spanish Armada down to destroy England and occupy it with troops.Though Elizabrth succeeded in this battle he unfortunately lost.

is this good?

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    I don't think so. It is badly written and does not mention achievements. Why is it unfortunate, historically, that he lost the Armada battle?

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    thats all it said in my book about him

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    please help, i'll appreciate it if you do:-)

    please and thank you

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    of him asking for her = of his asking

    At the very beginning, drop "I got" and begin with Philip...

    but then as she died = and when she died...

    Though Elizabrth = Elizabeth (spelling)

    Here is a bit more information you might add:

    Philip II, the son of Charles V, reigned from 1556 until 1598. During his reign, the famous Battle of Lepanto took place against the Turks. Also, the greatst naval disaster occurred - the destruction of the Spanish Armada in 1588. This was accomplished by England, a religious and political rival of Spain. This defeat began Spain's decline.


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    thanks alot SraJMcGin, without your help this would have been impossible, thanks alot:-D

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