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read the quote and answer the 3 questions

"Our attack pattern was: barrage a hill with bombs and shells, move up the foot soldiers, hold it against counterattacks, fight down the reverse slope, then start on the next one. We would attack during the day, dig in for the night--not for sleep, but for safety. A hole was never deep enought when the Japanese started their barrage. And then, they would come, a screaming banzai or a single shadow."
--An American GI at Okinawa

1. Which phrase best describes the American campaign on Okinawa?
a. long and hard fought
b. easy
c. completely safe
d. over in one day
2. According to the description of the fighting, you can infer that the terrain on Okinawa was
a. flat and sandy
b. heavily wooded
c. rocky
d. hilly
3. write a brief paragraph describing how you think the GIs felt during the long nigts on Okinawa

please quickly help me on number 3

  • history-URGENT -

    Is there more to this passage? What you posted says nothing about the long nights on Okinawa.

  • history-URGENT -

    they probably felt:

    They were scared at night and had to remain alert. They had to observe throughout but sometimes they were hopeless in spite of best of motivation.They were not discouraged even though they were desperate at times.

    is this gooD?

  • history-URGENT -

    this is all. i guess you're suppose to guess on how htey felt

  • history-URGENT -

    You're right. I'm sorry, but I didn't read the passage very carefully.

    Your answer is well-done.

  • history-URGENT -

    thank you

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