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Outline the achievements of HenryVII:
HenryVII ruined the power of the feudal barons by helping the middle class, by threatening the baron's special armies, and by using the Court of Star Chamber to kill personal barons in secret. Henry also began to modernize the economy. He took away the guild's power and started to support Cottage industries. King Henry helped the english woollen merchants by weakening the Italian and Hanseatic leagues. He was a modern ruler in the sense that he ran the counry like a business, with the help of trained civil servants.By the time he died he left England leaving a prosperous, peaceful harmony country.

is this good, I tried to put in my own words

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    This is very good.

    But I wonder if you really understand it.

    What are "personal barons?"

    What is a guild?

    What are cottage industries?

    How did weakening the Italian and Hanseatic Leagues help English woollen merchants?

    What are trained civil servants?

    In the last line -- don't you mean "harmonious?"

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    personal barons are private barons, like whom people aren't aware of.

    a guild is a union of persons practisng the same craft.

    cottage industries are businesses in which hired workers produce goods in their own homes

    I don't get the other questions, sorry

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    How did weakening the Italian and Hanseatic Leagues help English woollen merchants?

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    I don't understand "personal" or "private" barons. I suggest you leave out the word "personal."

    You're right about guild and cottage industries.

    By weakening the Hanseatic and Italian Leagues so they couldn't sell their wool very easily, the king helped the English woolen producers and merchants.

    Civil servants are people who work as administrators and clerks for a government.

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    You're welcome.

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