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Which one of the following objects will have the greatest force of gravity to the Earth at its surface

. A large book
B. A house

C. A human being

D. An average-size car
i don't get it??

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    Well I think that the question means which of the follwing objects will have the greatest force of weight to the earth at its surface. I think the answer is a house

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    F = G m Mearth / Radius earth^2
    all the same for each object except m
    so the biggest m gives the biggest gravitational force
    Houses generally have more mass than even the largest cars.

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    Is this a common formula used

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    Yes, that is Newton's law of gravity

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    force between two masses equals Newton's gravitational constant times the product of the two masses divided by the square of the distance between them.

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    The gravitational constant G = 6.67259 * 10^-11 Newton meters^2/kg^2

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    Mass of earth = 5.98 * 10^24 kilograms
    radius of earth = 6.38 * 10^6 meters

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    oh, i was just asking, because i really don't get any of this stuff

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    That is the famous one though, about the mythical apple falling on Newton's actual head and him coming up with the law of gravity as a result.

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    oh I heard about the one, but I can't remember but it was about a crown. By the way I'm only in grade 8, these things r way toooooo difficult 4 me

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    Well, your answer was correct anyway :)

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    yeah, I guess. :-\

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