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outline the achievement for HenryIV of france I got that he issued the the Edict of Nantes to stop the religious war from occuring between The Catholics and Protestants.

this is all it said in my book about him

if you can add to this please do

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    Elina -- does your teacher expect you to just use the information in your book?

    Or does your teacher expect you to do more research on these people?

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    no, my teacher never told us to to do research about them.

    But if you can add to this then please do, and please do tell me if this is good or not.

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    OK. Then all you need to do is understand what's in your book and put that information in your own words.

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    You've already told us not to give you websites -- and we don't do homework -- so you have to go with what's in your book. Just make sure you understand what you're reading and put it in your own words.

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    okay but I just want to make sure if I have done it right, and only you can help me on that, so please do tall me if it is good


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    Although I don't know what is in your book, it looks good to me.

    And you're welcome.

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    oh my books name is pathways civilizations through time, just to let you know.:-D

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