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I had to outline the achievement of Erasmus and I wrote: as a young man, he tried to live in monk, but instead went ot university of paris, where he like the other humanists became popular for his learning & travelled to England where he got to meet king henery VIII. his income was low so he often wrote humorous books and & taught school to add to it. In his books he wrote critical things of church, attacking priests bishops cardinals & even the pope. Many of his wrirings were so outrageous that Charles V made reading them & capital offence. He was never considered a hertic because he never did attack teachings of church.

If u can then can u make this shorter, because I think I have some nonimportant things added to it, & please if u can then can u add to it if you think I have missed anything, please and thank u


    please do help me.I worked on this really hard


    Having a low income, teaching school, and meeting Henry VIII were not his major accomplishments. What were Erasmus's main achievements? What did he do that made him famous?

    Didn't his writings try to convince people to reform the Catholic Church from within?

    This article may give you some ideas.

    When you repost your paragraph, please be sure to proofread it carefully first.


    I got as a humanist and reformer Erasumas harshly disapproved what he thought were the balances of the Roamn Catholic until his death he disagrred to many of the beliefs of church which influenced the reformation movement to Protestant religion. he wrote the praise of fooly and handbook of christian knight.

    Please add to it, or take some unimportant things out, rephrases it to make it llok good



    please do tell me if this is good or Not


    What do you mean by "disapproved of the balances of the Roman Catholic?"

    Do you mean Roman Catholic Church?

    Do you mean he disagreed WITH many of the beliefs ?

    You need some capitalization and correct "Fooly" in the last sentence.


    yeah by diasapproved I meant criticized
    Please add to it,i need help:-(


    What are the "balances?"


    I thnk like the rules they had in the church which luther thought weren't fair or right


    You're right about the church rules. But balances is the wrong word in this sentence.


    then what would be the best word to put in that sentence?


    so would i say specific rules




    Erasmus was a humanist and a reformer. Erasumas harshly disapproved what he thought were the specific rules of the Roman Catholic Church. Until his death he disagreed to many of the beliefs of the church which influenced the reformation movement to Protestant religion. He wrote the praise of folly and handbook of christian knight.His writings tried to convince people to reform the Catholic Church from within.

    Is this good.?


    Much better! :-)

    It's almost perfect except for capitalizing the names of the books.

    Now -- I have a question for you. Is English your first language?

    The reason I ask is that you've omitted a couple of articles (the, a, an) -- which is typical of people who do not usually speak English at home.


    english is my 2nd language.


    Thanks for answering my question. Now I understand you better. I've worked with a young Korean woman for several years and although her spoken and written English are nearly perfect at a college level, she still sometimes misuses the articles.

    Keep up the good work, Elina! You are a very conscientious and hard-working girl! :-)


    thank u Ms Sue, with your help anything is possible in life :-)


    You're welcome, Elina.

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