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can someone give me an example of a compare and contrast essay just thinking what can i do it of

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    Be sure to read the entire webpage linked above. You'll get ideas about what and how!

    If you need more information about how to write such a paper, please re-post.

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    Check these sites for excellent ideas.





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    would Puerto Rico and United States would be a could topic do i still have to write the similarities

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    Yes, you could use those as your topic. There will be plenty of differences and some similarities, too.

    If you wish, you can post your thesis statement and outline once you get these things planned. We can help you refine them before you start writing the first draft.

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    Thesis statement: The United States and Puerto Rico are both managed by the same goverment, even tho both have their same cutomes and diffrent.

    I similarities
    1.both are us citizines

    II Difrences
    5.looks exp buildings

    Its kinda hard to find similarities

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    Let's tweak that thesis statement. It needs to include not only facts, but also your position or your opinion, and it needs to be a statement that not everyone would agree with. As it is, it's simply factual. What do you think about these facts?

    Here's a really good webpage that shows you how to write good thesis statements:

    Your outline looks good, and I think the outline so far and your last statement indicates what YOU THINK about this topic -- that there are very few similarities and lots of differences! (Make that clear in your thesis statement.)

    Keep the outline the same, but repost when you've rewritten your thesis statement.

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