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Who were the major leaders of the protestant Reformation. all I got was Savonarola and Hus . Im not sure if Eramus was one.. Oh was Martin Luther one as well.

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    Yes, definitely for Martin Luther and try the following:

    (Broken Link Removed)


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    Savonarola was not a leader in the Protestant Reformation.

    Check this site about Erasmus.

    Hus and Luther were Reformation leaders.

    What about this one?

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    Theodore Beza
    Martin Bucer
    Heinrich Bullinger
    John Calvin
    Andreas von Carlstadt, later a Radical Reformer
    Wolfgang Fabricius Capito
    Martin Chemnitz
    Thomas Cranmer
    William Farel
    Matthias Flacius
    Caspar Hedio
    Justus Jonas
    John Knox
    Jan £aski
    Martin Luther
    Philipp Melanchthon
    Johannes Oecolampadius
    Peter Martyr
    Aonio Paleario
    Laurentius Petri
    Olaus Petri
    William Tyndale
    Joachim Vadian
    Pierre Viret
    Huldrych Zwingli
    r these it

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    I only recognize a few of those names. If your book lists them, then those are right.

    At any rate, I doubt if they're considered major leaders for middle school students.

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    My book says Martin Luther and Erasmus.

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    Right. What about John Calvin and John Knox?

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    So is it John Calvin, John knox, Martin Luther and Erasmus. Are those the only ones

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    Is there anyone else listed in your book?

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    I don't think it was pope leo, that's all I hve, it is right


    so is this right ms sue, cause this is all I got please add to it if u can

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    That looks good -- but are you sure your book doesn't mention Calvin and Knox?

    Pope Leo was Catholic -- so he was definitely not part of the Protestant Reformation.

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