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could someone please give me a site from which I can start to memorize ALL this socials stuff, like the renaissance, black death,etc. I don't want a site which inlcudes reading in it I would like to have a site with pictures bubbles included, please HELP

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    Or it can be a on video

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    Since we have no way of knowing which "socials" you are trying to memorize, it's impossible for us to find such a site -- especially one that doesn't involve reading.

    Your best technique is to go through any study guide and/or your book, and make your own list -- with appropriate drawings or information.

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    weel, it can include some reading in it, but not like wikipediaa, because it uses alot of difficult words which are hard for me to understand, but I have a socials book called Pathways, civilizations through time, I just need a site to sink deep in socials

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    Here's a suggestion --

    Go through your socials book and find as many terms as you can that you need to memorize. Write them down, along with a brief description of each. If you get stuck on a few terms, please post them, and we'll be glad to explain them or find you easy-to-understand sites for these terms.

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    Salvation, heretics, indulgence, difference between catholic and angelics. Ill list the others later after I am done studying

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    thanx :-)

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    OK. But make sure you have definitions or identifications for these terms.

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