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Simplify: Can someone please help me with this and go through the steps for it please. Thank You


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    Start with the distributive law:
    and similarly

    =4x*5x2 + 4x*3x + 4x*2
    =20x3 + 12x2 + 8x

    Can you try your problem now?

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    i still don't understand on how to do the problem

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    would the answer for the problem that i sent you be 72z^3-8z^2-1

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    You have to multiply -8z by all terms. Also remember that a negative times a negative equals a positive.

    72z^3 + 8z^2 + 8z

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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    can someone please help me solve this problem?
    Thank You

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