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1. The dress fits in you.
2. The dress fits you.
3. The dress becomes you.
4. The dress looks good on you.
5. The dress is suitable for you.

(Do they have the same meaning and qre they grammatical?)

6. My mother gives advices about

7. My mother gives advice about

8. My mother gives pieces of advice
about worries.

9. My mother gives some pieces of
advice about worries.

(Are they all gramamtical? Can we use 'advices' instead of 'advice'?)

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    You can not use the word ädvices"in any of them

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    #1. Not "in" but "on" would work.

    Anonymous is right that #6 is not good.


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    It might be better to use "worrying" — the process — rather than "worries" — specific concerns.

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