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What did Kamloops resident Wendy Gardner do with Team Subaru in Fiji?
Name the Canadian architect who designed the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Obtain an image of the building.
What Canadian with the first name Daniel is a frequent producer of U2 albums?
Find a website that has current webcam pictures of the road conditions on the Coquihalla Highway. Record the name of the site and the URL.
Name a former Canadian Prime Minister who has won the Nobel Peace Prize.
What was the population of Canada in the 2001 census?
This Professor at UBC is better known as an environmentalist and television personality. He finished in the top 10 in CBC's search for the greatest Canadian. Name him.


    This looks like a fascinating exercise for YOU to use the internet as a search tool.

    Please note that Jiskha volunteers do not do homework for students.


    learn some manners! Both of you seriously need to back to Kindergarden.

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