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Why do reaction times(reflexes) differ from person to person?

Wny does your reaction time improve when the same thing is done over and over again. ( slap in face 10 times)

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    because no two people are alike. even twins who look the same are different. everyone moves/reacts at their own level/speed and some are faster than others.

    as for the second one. if i slapped you in the face 10 times don't you think you might move out of the way? its called practice makes perfect, or slap me again and ima kick u in da face.

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    As acts are repeated, the neural connections related to those responses become stronger, leading to quicker reactions. Previous experiences effect this neural development, which changes reaction times.

    After the second slap, I probably would do more than move out of the way. Depending on the relationship and situation with the other person, I would restrain that person and ask for an explanation or possibly return the favor.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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