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  1. Ms. Sue

    Check this site.

    Also -- do not use all capitals. It's considered SHOUTING.

  2. elina

    oh sorry for the capitals, but really i wasn't shouting

  3. elina

    yeah but i really don't know what the question is asking for. could u please explain

  4. Ms. Sue

    The question asks:

    Considering the Protestant work ethic, one gains one virtue by working hard.

    Why would business people want their employees to work hard?

  5. elina

    would this be right.. because the business people want their employees to reach to a higher professional level

  6. Ms. Sue

    Why do the employers what their employees reach a higher level? How does that help the business?

  7. elina

    would this be right.. the employers want their employees to reach a higher level because then they know that it won't be difficult for their employees to manage diificult things in the upcoming future. That helps business by it makes it more organized and I don't know why else

  8. Ms. Sue

    When employees work hard, they bring more money and more business into the company.

  9. elina

    thanx, but how would i respond to this question. why would business people agree with this idea.

  10. MathMate

    Sorry to jump in, because I find it a very interesting topic.
    Elina, if you put yourself in the shoes of a headmaster (owner) of a school (business). Wouldn't you be grateful if the teachers (employees) work hard, motivate students, have good results in public exams, help students with their homework, etc. Would you agree to an idea that encourages this practice? Do you see any setbacks?

  11. Ms. Sue

    Thanks, MathMate.

  12. elina

    no idon't see any setbacks. i don't really get this question ''Would you agree to an idea that encourages this practice? and still how would i start to answer the question i asked u before

  13. elina

    i really need help answering the question. business people would agree with this idea because....

  14. Ms. Sue

    I don't see any setbacks either. If employees and owners all work hard, then the school or business will probably be successful.

    What don't you understand about this question? "Would you agree to an idea that encourages this practice?" (The 'practice' refers to working hard.)

    Ok, Elina -- it's your turn. Both MathMate and I have tried every which way to explain this question to you.

    How do you think you should answer the question????

  15. elina

    well all i don't get is that what do you mean by Would you agree to an idea that encourages this practice?

  16. elina

    is this right.. Business people agree with this idea because they know that thier business rises up by this. If the emplyess of the business and the owners of it work hard then obvoiusly they will turn out to be really successful

  17. Ms. Sue

    Yes, Elina! You are right!! :-)

  18. elina

    yey thank u ms sue i really appreciate u and mathmate helping me. u 2 r the best

  19. Ms. Sue

    You're very welcome, Elina.

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