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1. My dog spoiled my homework.
2. My dog ruined my homework.
3. My dog torn my homework notebook.
4. My dog torn the notebook containing
my homework.

(Are all grammatical?)

5. My dog gave birth to 4 puppies.
6. My dog bore 4 puppies.
(Are both OK? Do you have more expressions for that?)

7. Korea lost the soccer game against Japan by 1:2.

8. Korea lost the soccer game with Japan by 1:2.

9. Korea was defeted in the soccer match against Japan by 1:2.

10. Japan defeted Korea in the soccer game by 1:2.

11. Korea lost in the soccer match with Japan by 1:2.

(Which expressions are right?)

  • English -

    In 3 and 4, the verb is tore, not torn. Other than that the first four are correct.

    5 and 6 are also correct. Frequently, though, we just say: My dog had four puppies.

    The rest are correct.

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