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I need to find a little more information about the differences between the North and South where it concerns the political and economic situation. Here is what I have: Policital, the North had an oppresive government. The South , the government, was subject to royal governors and dominated by planters, farmers, consisted of men and land owners. Economic: North: more industry, fishing and mining, farm were smaller, provided just for families, against slavery, religion was big. South: agriculture, wealthy land owners, for slavery, lived on plantations, was not religious people. Is there anything else that I should add?

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    What do you mean about an oppressive government in the Northern colonies? Explain.

    The Southern colonists were religious -- but not as fundamental as the Northerners.

    Weren't the Northern colonies also subject to royal governors?

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    When I say oppressive, I mean harsh, burdensome

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    So it was the South who was more religious than the North?

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    Yes the Northern colonies were also subject to royal governors. So how was the North and South different when it came to political?

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    "More religious" is a value judgement. The Northern colonies tended to be more rigid in their religious beliefs. Yet Rhode Island was founded by Quakers who worshipped much differently than the Puritans of Massachusetts. The Southern colonists were religious and included Catholics.

    What does your book say about the different political systems?

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    That the North was not dependent on the government and wanted freedom. The South was dependent on the government.

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