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Which of the following represents a permutation? (Pick from multiple choice answer listed below)

I. The top 4 finishers in a car race
II. Choosing 4 apples from a bag with 10 apples
III. A committee of 6 representatives from a class

A. I. only
B. II. only
C. III. only
D. II. and III. only

Please help!!
Thank you.

  • Math -

    if the order in your selection matters, then it is a permutation.

    so, in a car race, does it matter if you come in first or second?

    does it matter in which order you take the apples out of the bag?

    does it matter who gets chosen first or third or last among the 6 committee members?

  • Math -

    Is the answer D. II. and III. only?
    (which means: car race-order doesn't matter, Apple picking-order matters, Committee members-order matters)

    Is this answer right or wrong?

    Please help!!
    Thank you!!

  • Math -

    You got it exactly backwards!

    You mean to tell me that in a car race it doesn't matter who comes in first or second???

    I wonder if you can talk Hélio Castroneves and Scott Dixon to swap places?

  • Math -

    so...the answer would be...?

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