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Solve the compound inequality.

-9 (less than or equal to) -3x - 9 (less than or equal to) 15

I totally forget how to solve inequalities, please help! Thanks!

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    -9<= -3x-9<=15
    add 9 to each component.
    divide by -3

    check that.

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    This is what I got:
    0(greater than or equal to)x(greater than or equal to) -8
    (less than or equal to)=(LTorET)
    (greater than or equal to)=(GTorET)
    1. I broke it up into 2 problems
    -9(LTorET)-3x-9 and -3x-9(LTorET)15

    2.I solved the first problem by adding 9 to both sides. Then I had

    3.I divided both sides by -3 which equaled

    ~~note: Flip the sign when dividing or multiplying by a negative~~

    4. I did the same type of thing with
    -3x-9(LTorET)15 which equaled

    5. I got the answer:
    x(LTorET)0 and x(GTorET)-8

    ~~however you want to write that~~

    If you go to google and look up how to solve compound inequalities there are some good pages there.

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    -8 on the right is correct.

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