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Help please....Please Simplify

(-3a^-5 b^6)^4 (a^7b^0)^3

any ideas? thanks in advance!

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    First, I will assume that the -3 at the beginning will not be raised to the -5th power.

    A little revision of the law of indices is in order:

    (ab)^n = a^n . b^n
    this will apply to the ^4 and ^3 outside of the parentheses.

    This will apply to the term a^-5

    b^0 = 1
    for all values of b except 0.

    (-3a^-5 b^6)^4 (a^7b^0)^3
    =(-3b^6/a^5)^4 (a^7 . 1)^3
    =(-3)^4 (b^6)^4 /(a^5)^4 (a^7)^3
    = (-3)^4 (b^24)/(a^20) (a^21)
    = ...
    I will let you take it from here.
    Post your answer for a check if you wish.


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    Ok thanks! I got 81ab^24 Is this correct? Thanks!

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    Excellent, the answer is correct.
    Do start the problem over to understand every step.

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