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Bob wants to start a lawn in an area that is 110ft by 70ft. One bag of seed covers 1200 square feet. How many bags should he buy?

Please help me solve

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    To find the area, multiply:

    110 * 70 = 7700 square feet

    Divide 7700 by 1200 to find the number of bags.

    Remember that you can't buy part of a bag -- so you'll need to round up to the nearest whole number.

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    5 bags?

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    The lawn is a rectangular area of 110 ft by 70 ft. Can you find tha area (A) of the lawn?
    Now each bag covers 1200 sq.ft, so how many bags are required? You divide the area A by 1200.
    If you go into my gardening shop and ask for 3.54 bags, I will sell you 4 bags, get the idea?
    Write again if you could use some more help, or check your answer.

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    Try again Claire. Use a calculator if you need to.

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