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The Power of a Power Rule
Simplify. All variables represent nonzero real numbers.

-5y^4(y^5)^2 / 15y^7(y^2)^3

I got:

-5y^40 / 15y^42

Is this correct?

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    You'll attract the attention of our math tutors if you use your school subject on the above line.

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    no, see the other post. Learn to put the correct subject in the box if you want attention from folks in that area.

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    and have some patience, you only posted the other 12 minutes ago. Now if you are in a test session, Fie on you.

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    Well Ms Sue, I would have, but when I did, you all ignored it for over 20 mins and went on to the easier questions. So is that a sign you do not understand the question?

    As for Bob, I appreciate you answering the question on the other post (even though it took over 25 mins). But your attitude is poor for a tutor who is supposed to help others.

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    Thanks, and good luck.

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    Wow, "we" ignored it for 20 minutes, and you conclude that we did not understand the question?

    You do realize that all tutors are volunteers and you getting this service for nothing?

    You labeled your post as "College", yet it is of a grade 8 difficulty, and secondly your question is not really clear.
    You probably meant -5y^4(y^5)^2 / (15y^7(y^2)^3)
    which is
    = -y/5

    Your negative comment to Bob was totally unwarranted.
    The only reason I actually answered your question was to show you how totally easy it was.

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    and guess what, I made a typo in the last line

    should have been
    -y/3 ,lol

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