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Should I use "then" or "than" in this sentence?
What is a hotter ticket than a ticket for the Elton John / Billy Joel concert?

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    I thought so! Thank you!

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    Th*A*n is usually for comp*A*risons.
    Hope that helps.

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    Revise each frag. by attaching it to a related sentence or by recasting it as a full sentence.


    1.The first person to produce an artifical dye comercially was William Perkin. A nineteen-year-old Englishman.

    2. Many food producers package their products in red. Believing that it attracts consumers.
    3.Crayola assigns the colors of crayons unusual names. Including Outer Space and Pig Pink.

    4. There are three colors on the Italian flag.Green on the left side, red on the right side, and white in the center.

    5. At times, the pigmet saffron as quite popular. And worth its weight in gold.

    6. The pigment carmine was in high demand. Spanish conquistadors making vast fortunes on its production.

    1.William Perkin, a nineteen- year old Englishman was the first to produce an artificial dye commercially.

    2. Many food producers believe that in order to attract consumers; they should package products in red.

    3. Crayola assigns colors of crayons unusual names, including Outer Space and Pig Pink.

    4. On the Italian flag, there are three colors; green on the left side, red on the right side, and white in the middle.

    5. At times, the pigment saffron was quite popular, and worth its weight in gold.

    6. Spanish conquistadors pigment carmine was in high demand and was making vast fortunes on its production.

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