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Students at ACC must earn 90 credits to obtain an Associate’s degree. Three students find that they all have a GPA of 3.3 even though they do not have the same number of credits. The students hope to increase their GPAs to a 3.8 by the time they have earned 90 credits. One student has earned 50 credits, another has earned 40, and the other, 85. Is it possible for all of the students to increase their GPA by the time they earn 90 credits?

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    Yes, but it depends upon who much they want to increase it. Does it have to reach 3.8?

    A student who has 85 credits and a GPA of 3.3 cannot raise the average to 3.8 while taking just 5 more credits. An A in a five credit course would only raise the GPA to 3.34.

    I am not considering higher-than-4.0 scores for A+ and AP classes. That did not happen in my school days. I have not kept up with the latest grade inflation trends.

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    YA, I am going to say they all want to raise their grade to 3.8
    Is there some kind og matrix solutions that these numbers can be pluged into to get an answer?

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    I would just like to know how each student can get their grades to 3.8 by the time each reaches 90 credits.

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    To answer your last question, none of them can if they want to get a GPA of 3.8 by the time of 90 credits, based on a maximum of 4 grade points per credit, which applies to most American institutions (but not specified in the question).

    An approach is to calculate the current grade point total for each student by multiplying the GPA by the number of credits. Calculate the targe grade point total (90*3.8).
    The difference of the two quantities divided by the number of credits remaining before 90 credits is the average of the remaining credits.
    They range between 4.2 and 12.3, unfortunately (for them).

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    when veronica recently visited Great BRitain one British pound was worth US$1.77, while NZ$1.00 was worth US$0.59. In this case, how many NZ$ was a British pound worth?

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