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spanish sra j mcguin

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getting ready for final - rhanks for your help - 100% on my oral exam in spsnish 2

do you have something you could post on the subjunctive - preterit - futuer - present

how to determine which one - i know you had at one time sent me a summary of when to use each one.

  • spanish sra j mcguin -

    If you are talking about NOW, that's the Present Indicative. Take one form "hablo" an it usually has 3 English translations: 1) I speak/talk 2) I DO speak/DO talk 3) I AM speakING/talkING

    If you talk about tomorrow, it is the FUTURE. hablaré = I will speak/talk. I shall speak /talk is dying from use.

    If you talk about something that WOULD happen, based upon a condition (if...), it is the CONDITIONAL. hablaría = I would speak/talk. The "if" clause then is the Past Subjunctive. (si pudiera - If I could)

    If you talk about yesterday, an action that is over and done with, that's the Preterit. hablé = I spoke/talked, I DID speak/talk.

    If you talk about someone in the past, but it is description, or happened over and over again, that is the Imprefect. hablaba = I WAS speakING/talkING / I used to speak /talk / I spoke, talked.

    The Present Subjunctive is used when you don't know if it happened, will happen, etc. El quiere que yo hable. = I wants we to speak/talk. It implies that I "may speak" but it is not a fact and you never know for sure. The main verb is one of imposition of well (as th is exam ple is), doubt, or an emtion.

    Do you mean something like that? I can't remember what I sent you before, but review that as well, if you still have it! :)


    Buena suerte.

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