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hi this is my assignment and i need only 123 more words out of 1400 can anyone please help me

3. Create a healthy eating plan for yourself using your personal recommendations from the Website.

4. Write a 1,400 to 1,750-word paper in APA format outlining your healthy eating plan. Be sure to discuss:

a. Your current eating habits (as documented in the Food Diary CheckPoint)

b. Your nutritional recommendations based on your customized food pyramid results.

c. How you intend to implement your healthy eating plan in your daily life.

d. List the various classes of nutrients currently in your diet and their functions, as well as any nutrient-rich foods and nutrient-lacking foods you consume.

  • sci 241 -

    Have you covered each of the above points thoroughly? Do you see any that you can expand upon?

  • sci 241 -

    And you have all but 123 words? Go back and expand on each of the points you have made and you will have more than enough.

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