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sci 241

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could any one PLEASE help me get started on this??? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!!! any advicer or help PLEASE URGENT

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in APA format outlining your healthy eating plan. Be sure to discuss:
o Your current eating habits (as documented in the Food Diary CheckPoint)
o Your nutritional recommendations based on your customized food pyramid results
o How you intend to implement your healthy eating plan in your daily life
„h List the various classes of nutrients currently in your diet and their functions, as well as any nutrient-rich foods and nutrient-lacking foods you consume.

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    This site explains how to format a paper in APA style; scroll down for directions and examples; also scroll down for help with reference and citation details.

    Your assignment seems very clear since you seem to have been keeping a food diary and studying the food pyramid. Actually, only YOU can handle the content of your paper since it's based on your own studies and actions. Just take each of the four sections and write them separately, making sure you are very detailed. Then you'll be able to put the four sections together, smooth them out, and write an introduction and conclusion.

    Repost if you have specific questions.

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    I am taking the same class as you right now and it is not hard at all. You need to use the reference tool in the library to help you, but it is vey simple.

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    yes it hard

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