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Does anyone know a place where I can find out what the required # years of education was in 1985 in USA? And the average wage rates in USA in 1985?
Thanks so much.

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    Requirements for education vary by state. Which state are you asking about?

    Average wages:
    Use the "search across agency websites" feature.

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    For the last many years (including 1985), the U.S. has not required any specific number of years of education. In most states the legal age to quit school was 16 in 1985. Apparently this age has been raised in some states since then.

    Check this site for wages.

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    Oh I didn't know they varied (Im from canada). is there a website that shows all of them?

    thanks for helping.

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    I didn't find any statistics about the states' legal school leaving age for 1985.

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    For the wages website you provided, I don't understand how they calculated the values. I was looking for dollar per hour amount.

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