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Oasis B is a distance d = 9 km east of oasis A, along the x axis shown in the Figure. A confused camel, intending to walk directly from A to B instead walks a distance W1 = 20 km west of due south by angle θ1 = 15.0°. It then walks a distance W2 = 32 km due north. If it is to then walk directly to B, (a) how far (in km) and (b) in what direction should it walk (relative to the positive direction of the x axis)?

i found how far it was, but how do you find in what direction it should walk? i set up a tan of theta= oppisite/adjacent, but this didn't give me the right answer

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    sketch the diagram, that will give you a good idea of the quadrant the angle is in, you cant trust your calculator, as it only gives principle angles.

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