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Which of the following might constitute breach of patient-doctor confidentiality?
A. Medical assistant phones patient to convey test results
B. Medical assistant looks at patient’s medical records
C. Receptionist with no medical training makes appointment for patient
D. Receptionist sends checkup reminder for patient to someone other than patient

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    Two answers stick in my mind..

    B could be, if the medical assistant had no business looking into that patients file.
    D could be, especially for some speciality doctors (gyn, ob, psychiatrists, drug rehab drs, etc).

    Which do you think it the more grievous?

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    I was thinking B. but still not sure!!!

  • Medical coding and Billing -

    Be sure you give your REASONS behind your choice(s), just as Bobpursley did. That's the only way anyone in this forum knows what you're thinking.

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