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Chemistry - Cell Notation

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Enter the balanced chemical equation including states that describes the electrochemical cell that is represented by the cell notation as shown.

Pt(s) | F-(aq) | F2(g) || Cl-(aq), AuCl4-(aq) | Au(s)

I'm having trouble balancing this...

I get AuCl4- + 2F- --> Au + 4Cl- + F2

...but the charges don't cancel out on both sides. The left side has 3- and the right side has 4-. I've been trying to change the numbers around but then I upset the balanced atoms. Help?

  • Chemistry - Cell Notation -

    If you had written them as half cells you would have figured out what to do.
    2F^- ==> F2 + 2e
    AuCl4^- + 3e ==> Au + 4Cl^-
    Now multiply the fluoride equation by 3 and the Au equation by 2 (to obtain 6e lost and 6e gained) and it will balance.

  • Chemistry - Cell Notation -

    Thanks a lot! I forgot you had to write the half reactions first.

  • Chemistry - Cell Notation -

    HI i WAS WONDERING, which
    one was the anode?

  • Chemistry - Cell Notation -

    The Anode is always written first in this notation.

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