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1. When you talk about the purpose of a thing, what expressions do you use?

2. What expressions do you use when you talk about what you do well?

3. Have a conversation about your classmates' specialties with your partner.

4. After thinking about yourself, fill in the blanks.

5. You should not sit on the hadicapped person's seat on a bus or on a train. There are lots of restaurants where you should wait before you are seated.

6. After you take a look at the following pictures, complete Sujin's diary. After that compare with your partner.

7. In the blanks, write down your diary.

8. According to the directions of your teacher, play the making sentences game by matching words with pictures properly.

(Would you check the English expressions? I'd like to use grammatical English expressions)

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    #5 "hadicapped " is a spelling error = handicapped

    #6 After that, = better with a comma here.


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