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A mass of 0.630 g of NaCl is dissolved in 525 g of water.

CAlculate the molality.

mass of NaCl= 0.630g
mass of H20= 525g
molar mass of NaCl= 58.44

This is what i did it keeps telling me the answer is wrong.

Convert grams to moles of NaCl

0.630 * 1 mol NaCl/58.44= 0.01078

Molality= moles of solute/ mass of
solvent (kg)
0.01078/ 0.0525 = 0.2053m NaCl

Can some one please double check where im going wrong

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    525 g solvent is 0.525 kg, not 0.0525 kg.

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    when u convert 525g to kg, it should be .525kg

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