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What is a possible solution of ending the 1850s crisis?

A solution that will address the failures of Congressional/Executive leadership, legislation and subsequent public reaction.

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    How about secession, civil war, and eventual reunification?

    Check these sites for other ideas.

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    I was also thinknig that Civil war was in a way the solution of the 1850s. i was asked to create my own solution for ending the crisis, but i wasn't sure exactly what to do since there were so many problems. What major problems do you think the civil war ended?

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    Wars don't usually solve any problems effectively. However, the vast differences between the southern states wanting (needing?) slavery and autonomy, and the northern states wanting to keep the union together made war inevitable.

    I wonder what would have happened if the South had seceded and the North had let it. How much longer would slavery have lasted? Would the South have been able to economically survive as an independent nation?

    Interesting assignment!

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    It may be interesting but i am having so much difficulty with this. I can see how the suggestion of Succesion might play in, but i don't understand how succession addresses the failures of legislation. I have to write a 2 page solution and I just don't know where to start

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    What exactly were the "failures of legislation?" Were they really failures?

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    i guess the failures of legislation would be being unable to compromise and end slavery?

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    There were other reasons why the southern states seceded (note the spelling) and the northern states wanted to keep the union together.

    What other failures of legislation do you see?

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    Slavery had been a vital part of Southern culture and economics for generations. The only way I can see the Southern slave-holders voluntarily ending slavery was for the U.S. government to pay enormous sums of money to the slave holders to free each slave. That would enable the plantation owners to set the slaves free and hire them as free laborers.

    You know, that would have probably been cheaper -- in terms of money, men, and subsequent history -- than fighting the bitter civil war.

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    Right, i know all of those events that happened. I just don't understand how succession or even the civil war acted as a solution to those problems. Sorry i'm just really lost.

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    As Ms. Sue said, wars are rarely solutions to much of anything although they can be the obvious consequence, given certain people's/countries' reactions to certain events.

    What do you think the consequences of the civil war were? Do you think any of those consequences were eventual solutions to the events in the 1850s?

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    Do you know what "secession" means?

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    Well i know that the union of states was preserved, slavery ended and african americans gained few rights.
    So are you saying the consequences act as a solution rather than the civil war? Or was Ms. Sue's suggestion of government paying money to the south a better solution?

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    to separate from an alliance..

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    So ... one way to look at the solution is the changes in laws, including amendment(s) to the Constitution, right?

    What changed? Give yourself a timespan of about 1850 - 1875 and ask yourself what laws and practices were changed for the better. Those would be solutions of sorts.

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    The consequences of the Civil War acted as solutions of the 1850s crisis.

    Which do you think would have been the better solution?

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    Well probably because i have to create my own solution i would have to go with the suggestion of government paying money to the south. Just hope i can expand on it

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